Fengshui of the ancients got scientific root….

Today I am writing a new lesson for my students and it touches on the geography and geology of landform…..I did some surfing in the internet to correlate some of the information…….and I am happy to say the knowledge of the ancients does have scientific proof.

You eat chilli you feel the heat.

Recent developments in one fengshui forum had me laughing …. one no-count despicable fengshui guy who likes to write a lot of nonsense in his blog questioning this theory and that practice, and criticizing almost every master in the market, finally got a taste of his own medicine when he stepped on one toe too many.

I had always been watching to see if anyone else had the same fire like I did when this guy stepped on my toe before and I whacked him well and proper.

There is a Chinese saying that goes: 上得山多终遇虎. Its literal meaning is if one goes up the mountain too often sure one day will meet a tiger.

Its similar to saying if you step step step on others too often surely one day you would step on someone who dont give a damn who you are, and give you a big kick in return.

To some of his “friends” who I had advised against siding him too much….take my advice and avoid this no-count like a plaque.

chinese metaphysics and family

something happened recently to my elder brother’s family that made me feel very uncomfortable. his second son, married and had two children, recently broke off relationship with him and the mother, due to some deep seated misunderstanding.

I am very sad because of one of the skills I have is face reading. when his second son was growing up, noticed a mianxiang sign in his ear that showed his rebellious character, in chinese called 反骨.

I know that to tell my elder brother and his wife would fall on deaf ear because they love this child dearly. so I kept this secret to myself.

but now things had exploded in my brother’s face, and its too late to say anything.

on hindsight, should I have told him……but then would that change the ending? I just wonder………

master or wannabee?

yesterday, I read an article on XKDG fengshui secrets revealed where the author made many remarks about the fengshui skill of someone else.

it makes me wonder……cos the author of the article sounded as if he knows what qi is and how it works……

is this guy an expert in fengshui or a wannabee stepping on others to glorify himself? mmmmmmmmmmm

Barom Kagyu buddhist center.


after several months of hard work, finally the Butterworth Barom Kagyu center is opened….quietly, softly without fanfare.

I shall wait for either my guru or his brother to come officiate a grand opening in future.