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I had a great time with my family here in Singapore. Today is last day in Singapore and we are taking the 6.20 pm flight back to Penang.

spiritual work is no joke!

This morning I was in one of our local market, and I chatted with the sidewalk crystal guy. He is a regular vendor, always at the same spot. I do not talk to him often, but today because I wanted to buy prayer bead head, I went to see him.

This guy is quite a religious guy, and he sort of have some skills….reciting mantras to bless the crystals he sold. Sometime he even tried to do healing work.

Our conversation gradually diverted to spiritual work and how helping others is a double edged sword, and he confided in me that he had suffered some repercussion and it fell on his young son who is suffering from asthma now.

I told him it is not always what he thinks it is. Maybe it is his son’s own karma to suffer from asthma. I was only trying to solace him.

In actual fact I had been doing spiritual work for many years and I had seen many spiritual workers reeling under certain forms of repercussion.

there is actually no fixed rules or fixed outcomes of what one can get — whether its merits or retribution when doing spiritual work.

Its always a thin line between good and bad.

take for example, a client comes to us to seek help for spirit incursion into his son’s body.

now….the first thing we should understand is why? why his son was suffering from spirit incursion? Could it be his karma? could it be one of his karmic debtors, someone he had done bad to, and had now reincarnated into the ghost realm. and this ghost came back to take revenge.

If this is the scenario, what would you think that the spiritual worker should do?

(A) Chase out the spirit and destroy it? or
(B) Catch the spirit and lock it up in a bottle? or
(C) Pacify the spirit and offer to appease it with offerings and prayers for it to reincarnate to a better realm?

I would choose (C)…..

But I know many, especially those Daoist spiritual workers and most black magicians like to use (A) and (B).

A lot of Buddhist spiritual workers without good foundation training and good philosophical background, generally can make the same mistake of using methods (A) and (B).

methods (A) and (B) are drastic methods that can cause a new round of enmity with the spirit karmic debtor, while method (C) can pacify the spirit and at the same time give it a good chance to be reborn in a good realm, thus it is a friendlier and safer method.

When I heard the crystal seller’s lament, I told him to come see me someday and we share our experience and hopefully learn from each other.

I left with a sense of pity for this guy who missed the whole point of doing spiritual work to help others……….