2016 Bing Shen 丙申 year — Fire Monkey

2016 Bing Shen 丙申 year is the Fire Monkey year.

This is the “climbing mountain monkey”. The monkey that likes to ascend to greater height.

Generally most people would think this year would be a fire controlling metal situation that is not mutually in harmony.

Although from the basic straightforward elemental interaction it seems correct, but the intrinsic meaning is not exactly it.

Bing fire is like the Sun and Shen metal is Geng metal that is like metal ore under the ground rough and unrefined, or like a big chunk of metal, or even can be viewed as a big cutting tool like an ax or a large sword.

When the Sun shines on exposed metal ore, it could mean many things. For example:
• New minerals can be discovered this year. Or many newer mineral deposits will be discovered and many new mines will be opened.
• The metal industry sees a new lease of sunshine, giving it a new lustre. This could mean metal prices could make a new comeback and rise to higher levels.
• Geng metal belongs to the Dui Gua, and it represents Su Sha 肃杀and Ge Ming革命.
• Susha 肃杀could mean more violent crimes or more bloodshed coming from terrorist attacks in western countries, and even an escalation of war in the middle east.
• Ge ming革命 means ‘revolution’. Itcould mean in many western countries the people would vote out the old government and vote in new governments.
• Ge ming革命 could also mean that there could be a new innovative or revolutionized use of certain metals, and that would boost those metal’s market prices.
• Both the Susha 肃杀and Ge ming革命 aspect of Geng metal and the strong Yang fire from the Sun, could mean the current volatile middle east situation could take a new twist. There could be an increase of fire-power against the Isis terrorists. Although they may not be defeated in the short term, the territories under their control may shrink and they could be contained into a very much smaller area than now.
• The Bing Yang fire will spend its strength illuminating the Geng metal ores. This could mean the fire related industries are trapped into maintaining their previous progresses and there may not be any new growth.
• The financial industry could most probably experience stagnation. No new progresses in sight. Stocks and share will be bearish.
• The housing and development industry may also stagnate and towards the end of 2016 property prices could drop drastically.

More later………………