Saratok, Sarawak.


Look at the powerful dragon in Sarawak.  The memorial is surrounded on four sides by beautiful lush mountains and beautifully meandering rivers.  The water is pure clean mountain water.  From my many years of walking the different dragons I say that the only dragon that can match the power of the Sarawak dragon is the main range that sweeps down to the east coast of peninsular Malayaimage

Saratok memorials, Sarawak, Malaysia


Last year, the owners of SP memorials approached me to help them identify the plot of land for shengji in their Saratok memorials, Sarawak.

The most satisfying part of this trip was when I found a Xue that I promptly named it “crab drinking water Xue”.

The owners of the memorial were very happy and they offered me many parcels of land in their memorial in SP, about an hours drive from my home.

Then, someone Called me and warned me not to go and disturb his rice bowl, and made all sorts of threats.

After considering several things, one of which is to give a chance to the more desperate person to make a living, and also the fact that there are some flaws in the landform in SP, I decided to decline the offer by SP management.