Dear students and friends,


I shall be conducting a course on how to change your luck called ‘Luck Changing DIY’, in Singapore on 24th September 2017, from 9am to 1pm. The course fee is S$688.00 per pax.


The closing date for registration shall be on 4th September 2017.  The Venue for the course shall be confirmed after the closing date of the registration and shall be announced here.


The course is easy to understand and practice.  It is suitable for people who had not studied any Luck Changing methods before.  For FengShui, BaZi and ZhiWei consultants, this course can add to your current menu of Luck Changing methods to help your clients.


Those who wish to register for this course please PM me in FB or send me a WhatsApp or WeChat message.

My Whatsapp ID is Moon L. Chin

My Wechat ID is: xuantianmen


For those living in Singapore, you can register by calling:-

Master TH Lee +65 9367 1409

Master Lam      +65 9111 3431.



Below please find the course contents:

  1. Winter solstice change luck method冬至改运法
  2. Summer solstice change luck method夏至改运法
  3. Lunar 7th month Ulambana festival change luck method 七月秋祭改运法
  4. 28 constellation change luck method 28 星宿转运法
  5. Always smooth luck method 长期好运
  6. Lime water flower bath dispel bad luck method 冲麻风杆花水消除坏运法
  7. Red flowers bath remove sickness method 红花洗澡消除病运
  8. Lime skin bath dissolve disasters method 桔子皮消灾解厄法
  9. Full moon night make wish remove obstacles method 圆月十五消灾解厄法
  10. Yin yang water bath change luck method 阴阳水洗澡除坏运
  11. Yin yang water drink change luck method喝阴阳水改运法
  12. Hetu number to change luck method 河图数目转运
  13. Willow branch method gain respect from others柳树枝苗带来好人缘
  14. Willow branch method makes wish come true. 柳树枝实现愿望
  15. Umbilical cords for wealth luck method 脐带聚财法
  16. Tooth for good luck method 牙齿带来好运
  17. Coconuts for wealth luck method 椰子财运法
  18. Coconut to remove obstacles method 椰子除障碍法