The 5 Yellow Question.

This was a question posted in my FB forum Xuan Tian Men Fengshui:
There are many types of Date Selection method. Which Date Selection method can reduce most of the Sha (Inauspicious), example like 5 Yellow? Purely for discussion. Thank You.

My Answer to his querry:
The chart below shows 2017 year Flying Stars, — year and month, and selected days and selected hours chart.
Ding You Year — Star 1,
Ji You month – Star 1,
Days with Star 1:
1. Sept. 9 th — Ji Hai day
2. Sept. 18 th — Wu Shen day
3. Sept. 27 th – Ji si day
4. Oct. 6 th – Bing Yin day
Hours with Star 1 during these four days: Yin and Hai hour.
Below please see the chart that has year, month day and hour 5 yellow falling into the Li Palace.



The General practice of professional FengShui consultants, when encountering Sha qi falling into palace sectors like this example, would avoid doing any major things at the afflicted sector, during those times.

Thus every FengShui consultant does not want to go head on into any Sha times and Sha sectors to perform any major work because it defeats the real purpose of FengShui.  The standard phrase at the corner of every FengShui consultant’s mouth is, 趋吉避凶
(QuJiBiXiong) — ‘enhancing the auspicious and avoiding the ominous’.
Enhancing the auspicious and avoiding the ominous — is the No. 1 priority for every FengShui consultant. However, there might be situations when the client insisted on the major jobs that must be done on those days in those afflicted sectors. This would put the consultant in a difficult situation, because certain Sha such as 5 yellow of the Flying Stars system is very similar to the SanHe WuJi DuTian sha. Both are Erath Sha, and are very ferocious if violated.

In Most FengShui methods there would have certain methods to pacify such ferosious Sha if they are being violated. However, as the saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure’, it would be better to avoid doing any major works dueing those Sha times and in those Sha sectors.  Even if a FengShui master claims his method is the best and most powerful to correct any  Afflicted Earth Sha times or sectors, you should always be careful about bit because Earth Sha are really ferocious and any pacification should be Heavenly powerful to really appease it.

It is no point finding problems for yourself and your clients because a lot of Karma is involved in  Fengshui work. The more good things we do for our clients, the more merits we can gain. The more Sha we violate, the more bad karma will come to us.

Therefore, I would suggest that every FengShui consultant try to avoid performing any major works during those Earth Sha times and in Earth Sha sectors.