1. Seven Stars Lamp course:

This course is about lighting lamps to change luck.  In Buddhism and Daoism, there are many methods for people who afflicted with bad luck to change to better luck and one of them is to light lamps.

In the religious philosophical aspect of lamp lighting, it is to lighten up our ignorance to bring us wisdom.

In the metaphysics aspect of lamp lighting, it is also to illuminate our lives, but it has a more materialistic aspect to it, in that it can lighten up the dark forces of bad luck and disaster.

The Buddhist and Daoists both have such a sutra with the same:-

Title of Buddhist sutra:

Sutra expounded by the Buddha on prolonging life through worship of the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper. 佛说北斗七星延命经

Title Daoist Sutra:

Tai Shang Lao Jun spoke the Mysterious spiritual sutra of extending life. 太上玄灵北斗本命延生真经

I my studies and training, I had received this seven stars ritual from a teacher who had incorporated both the Buddhist and Daoist practices into one complete practice.

I had been using this method since the late nineties, for my family and for my clients. Till today I have scores of regular customers both locally and overseas.

This course is a one of a kind in the English speaking world, not to be found anywhere else, and it would be your good fortune to learn it from me.

This course has three parts:

  1. The Seven Stars Lamp ritual
  2. The 9 Planet affliction lamps ritual
  3. Bonus course – Guan Yin Golden Coin Divination.

The seven stars lamp course materials include the Buddhist and Daoist sutras about the BeiDou Seven Stars and what it can do to help people.

You shall also learn the simplified ceremonial procedures such as the seven stars steps, the mantras and the prayers.

Course information:

Date of course: August 19 2018

Venue: My center in Butterworth, Penang ( address shall be given to participants)

Course fee: RM1800.00 (foreign currencies accepted).


  1. ShengJi Course.

Course information:

Date of course: 20 August 2018

Venue: My center in Butterworth, Penang ( address shall be given to participants)

Course fee: Original fee is RM6800.  Discounted fee for Lamp course participants RM 3600.00 (foreign currencies accepted).

Note: if you take only the ShengJi course you shall have to pay the original fee of RM6800.00

Note: This course shall be an indoor course.  However, if time permits I may take the students to a dragon walkabout to show some of the commercial Shengji plots.

Course lesson information:

In this course you shall be taught:

  1. Landform requirements for burial Shengji.
  2. For non- burial Shengji what you can do and where to put the Shengji.
  3. What are the types of urn you can use
  4. What are the taboos – the dos and don’t’s
  5. What are the necessary rituals, prayers and mantras
  6. Date selection for Shengji
  7. What to put inside the urn. There are secrets in this practice and many masters do not get this done correctly.
  8. Other important Fengshui knowledge pertaining to Shengji.

To those who are interested, please grab this rare opportunity to learn some of the rare practices that you may not easily find in the English speaking world. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Mid-year Lunar 6th month 7th day Seven Stars lamp ceremony for clients

I usually do a big Seven Stars lamp ceremony for my clients once every two months.  On July 19th, Zi hour, it is the Lunar 6th month 7th day, I performed a Seven Stars Lamp ceremony for 40 clients.

The standard procedure is to make a prayer to Heavenly Gods for blessing and to the Earth god for protection.

The next step is to make a prayer to the Seven Stars and ask for their blessings.

Lastly, make prayer for each individual client.  The whole procedure from preparation of lamps to the final ceremony takes a few hours of work.

Those who are coming for the 7 Stars lamps course, you shall be taught the full procedure of how to perform the ceremony.  You shall also be taught to perform lamps for planetary affliction.

I am offering a Bonus Course to all participants: You shall be taught how to perform the Guan Yin Golden Coin Divination (金钱卦Jin Qian Gua)

The most important of all is the revelation of the secrets of how to make your practice effective without the need for long year of practice.

For those who wish to come but have not yet decided, please do so ASAP so as not to miss this golden opportunity to learn an ancient Lamp Ceremony for changing luck and the seldom taught in English Bonus Course, Guan Yin Golden Coins Divination.

BeiDou Seven Stars lamp and Daoism Nine Planets lamp ritual


Have you ever, as a metaphysics consultant, being asked whether you can help to change the luck of your client or to maintain and enhance his good luck, or to help him avert predicted disaster?

Have you ever, as a student of Chinese metaphysics, asked yourself, what can you do to enhance or maintain your good luck or to avert disaster in your life?

Do you know that doing a Fengshui work incur a karma to yourself because you’re interfering with someone’s else karma?  Seven star lamp is also one of my secret tricks to purify myself from Fengshui work.

In my practice I constantly come across such clients and most of the time, whether they are or are not my FengShui clients, I will oblige them by performing a ritualistic ceremony for them. or teach them some simple luck changing methods that they can do.

(In 2017, I had conducted a course on luck changing methods in Singapore.  The methods that I taught are very easy to use and quite effective if used constantly.)

There are many types of luck changing methods in metaphysics and in religion, and especially those from Hinduism, Daoism and Buddhism, would in one way or another involve stars and planets.

One of the many methods of changing luck that I use is by way of lighting lamps offering to heavenly stars to gain some benefit for my clients.  One of the benefits is enhancing of their good luck and averting disaster.  Other benefits include good health and long life, good career advancement, good marriage and harmonious family.

In this article, let me introduce to you two methods of luck enhancing and aversion of disaster methods called BeiDou Seven Stars lamp and Nine Planetary lamp rituals.

The BeiDou Seven Stars lamps is a method that has blurred beginnings and till today there is debate whether it originated from Hinduism, Daoism or Buddhism because there is mention of the Seven Stars of Ursa Major in the Mahabharata; there is a Daoist sutra on prolonging life by way of BeiDou Seven stars worship; and there is Buddhist sutra supposedly spoken by the Buddha.

In the Budhism, there are different versions of this sutra with some difference in some of the procedure of practice.

As far as I know, there is a sutra in the Japanese TaiSho, there is one from the Tientai Buddhist school and one coming from the Mongolian Vajrayana Buddhism collection of Sutra texts.

The Daoist sutra is: 太上玄灵北斗本命延生真经。TaiShang mysterious spirit beidou extension of life sutra.

The Buddhist sutra is called:佛说北斗七星延命经。The Buddha espoused the sutra of the BeiDou extension of life.


The Daoist argument that this sutra probably originated from Daoism is quite strong because in the Buddhist sutra of the Mongolian version, the names of the BeiDou Seven Stars are actual transliteration from the Chinese names.  In Daoism there is a method for appeasing the affliction of the planets by light lamps according to the stars’ formation.  The chart shows the lunar age of the person and the stars afflicted.  The diagram of the number of lamoos and its formation for each planet is shown.  There is prayer or mantra to go together with the lamp lighting.  This is one of the many ways in Daoism to avert disaster and to enhance luck.

Then again we have to contend with the Hindu version that came from the Mahabharata, which is as old as Daoism and much older than Buddhism.

In spite of all these information about the origin of the BeiDou Seven Stars, I shall not go into the debate, because it is not the purpose of this article.  The purpose of this article is to introduce to the reader a set of method that can help to enhance a person’s luck and to avert disaster.

I shall just just go straight into explaining the method and its benefits.

The BeiDou Seven stars in Sanskrit is called Sapta Jinnaya or Sapta Rishi, meaning the Seven Wise men.  In Daoism it is called Bei Dou Qi Xing 北斗七星 or Northern Dipper Seven Stars.

This method that I am introducing here is practiced by both Daoists and Buddhist, as such it is a fusion of Daoist and Buddhist practices.  I had used this method for more than 18 years and I can swear by its efficacy.

In Hinduism, Daoism and Buddhism, the main purpose of lighting lamps offering to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, heavenly gods and saints, is quite similar:  it is to dispel darkness of ignorance and to illuminate wisdom.

Especially in Buddhism the lamp offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, is to gain merits for destruction of ignorance and enhancement of wisdom.

There are also other side benefits of lamps offerings generally mentioned in the Buddhist and Daoist sutras, such as improving wealth and career, improving health, improving family relationship, aversion of disaster, etc.

First of all the most important point is your motivation.  Your pure motivation, kind heart and compassion, can bring good merits to your life and it can help to pacify some bad karma and to help you weather whatever storm that might come your way.

In the practice of lamp lighting, whether you are doing it for your clients or for you and family, you should firstly generate a pure motivation, with the intention to benefit others.

That way, the effects generated from the lamps offering can multiply manifold.

The method:  This method that I am teaching incorporated Daoist liturgy lamp lighting and Buddhist mantras, and it actually follows very closely to the standard practice.  I had simplified the practice for better convenience because sometimes, I get up to 30 clients for each ceremony and the work is quite tiring given that I have to recite the lamp lighting liturgy for each client.

You shall get to learn the following:

  1. How to pray to heaven and earth for blessing and assistance.
  2. How to walk the seven steps of BeiDou. (七星步罡)
  3. The mantra to clear and purify the space.
  4. The mantra to purify body speech and mind
  5. The lamp lighting prayer
  6. The ancient middle heaven BeiDou Seven Stars mantra.
  7. The BeiDou main mantra.
  8. The mantra of the five planets, sun, moon and the two nodes Rahu and Ketu.
  9. The mantra of the 28 constellation.
  10. Individual mantra of each of the Seven Stars.
  11. Mantra of the Seven Medicine Buddha.
  12. Mantra of the 12 Maha Yaksha of Medicine Buddha. (for each Zodiac sign).
  13. The mantra to dispel and avert disaster and to bring auspiciousness.

Successful cases:  the following are a few sample cases of the countless cases of satisfied clients.

Case 1:

One of my clients had lots of problems in his work coming from colleagues, subordinates and from customers.  I suggested he do three things. One is to use a coconut method to throw away the problems.  Next is to power card, and the third is to do a seven stars lamps offering. His problems reduced gradually and now, it is almost smooth sailing for him in his work front.

Case 2:

There is a family who had marital problems and the lady requested for my help.  I suggested the seven stars lamps and some other methods as complimentary support.  Now she and her husband have less friction and her husband comes back more often.

Case 3:

There is another family who had lots of health problems and other obstacles.  I also suggested the seven stars lamps. Nowadays, they have less health problems.

Case 4:

Another case was a lady who had a breast tumor. She was afraid that the medical exam will produce a malignant result.  After the lamps the results came out as non-malignant.

Case 5:

This case was a man who had a motor accident and was in coma.  I did the lamps for him and he regained consciousness within the next 24 hours.

Note:  A lot of my clients are now repeat customers for the lamps offering.

Special note:

Those who come for the Lamp course shall be given a few FengShui landform tips. I shall show you around town and point out landform flaws and advantages. This is most beneficial to those who are already fengshui consultants.