Currently I am running several courses that are all available.

1.  MeiHua Divination

This is a short course that you can finish at your leisure. Generally, an ordinary person can be a well versed Meihua diviner after taking my course. All the standard methods of Meihua divination as developed by ShaoYong are taught here, and much more.

In this course, I had included quick diviniation methods that takes only a few seconds for you to raise a hexagram. These methods are not commonly available in most online courses.

One example is, when a divination querry was posed to you, you can use that particular moment’s clock time to divine, and I can guarantee you that the results of divination is as accurate as any other method. The essense of it is the speed of raising the hexagrams to divine.

If you have not learnt any other divination method before, this will be you first and and most memorable divination method to ever learn.

Sign up now for this quick and easy to learn Meihua Divination course.

2.  Professional FengShui Master Course (Online course, culminating in practical training in Malaysia.  Course fee 7500USD.  10% discount for one time payment.  Full fee if pay by 18 months installments)

3.  YangGong FengShui.  This is a small class practical training course.  I can teach one to one.(Course duration is 7 days.  3 days theory and 4 days practicals.  Course fee includes transfers to and from airport, food and accommodation.)

I am currently designing more courses on other subjects.  Please visit this blog often for future updates.

4.  Fengshui foundation course.  online Chinese Metaphysics foundation course.   After you had finished studying this course, i guarantee you will be well prepared to study any Chinese Metaphysics subject.

5. Seven Stars Online Course. This course is about lighting lamps to change luck.  In Buddhism and Daoism, there are many methods for people who afflicted with bad luck to change to better luck and one of them is to light lamps.

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