Due to special requests from overseas, I had designed this online course for BeiDou Seven Stars Lamps ritual.

This course is about lighting lamps to change luck.  In Buddhism and Daoism, there are many methods for people who afflicted with bad luck to change to better luck and one of them is to light lamps.

In the religious philosophical aspect of lamp lighting, it is to lighten up our ignorance to bring us wisdom.

In the metaphysics aspect of lamp lighting, it is also to illuminate our lives, but it has a more materialistic aspect to it, in that it can lighten up the dark forces of bad luck and disaster.

The Buddhist and Daoists both have such a sutra with the same:-

Title of Buddhist sutra:

Sutra expounded by the Buddha on prolonging life through worship of the Seven Stars of the Northern Dipper. 佛说北斗七星延命经

Title Daoist Sutra:

Tai Shang Lao Jun spoke the Mysterious spiritual sutra of extending life. 太上玄灵北斗本命延生真经

In my studies and training, I had received this seven stars ritual from a teacher who had incorporated both the Buddhist and Daoist practices into one complete practice.

I had been using this method since the late nineties, for my family and for my clients. Till today I have scores of regular customers both locally and overseas, who can testify to the efficacy of this method.

In August 2018, I had taught a live course in my center in Butterworth, Penang.  I had received good comments from my students who went back and had practiced the lamps for themselves and their family.

One from Singapore, who was jobless for quite some time, told me found a job that pays well.  Another student from Australia told me his life became smoother, with less obstacles.

This course is a one of a kind in the English speaking world, not to be found anywhere else, and it would be your good fortune to learn it from me.

This course has three parts:

  1. The Seven Stars Lamp ritual
  2. The 9 Planet affliction lamps ritual
  3. Bonus course – Guan Yin Golden Coin Divination.

The seven stars lamp course materials include the Buddhist sutra about the BeiDou Seven Stars and what it can do to help people.  You shall also learn the simplified ceremonial procedures such as the seven stars steps, the mantras and the prayers.
Live course in October 2018:
Date of course: October 15th 2018

Venue: My center in Butterworth, Penang (address shall be given to participants)
Course fee: by cash RM1800.00 (foreign currencies accepted).


English version Online course:
Date: open
Course fee: USD 450.00 each


Spanish version Online course
Date: Open
Course fee: USD 600.00 each

Those who wish to pay by PayPal there will be a 4.5% service charge to the course fee.