Fengshui foundation course


The Fengshui Foundation course is especially designed for the English Speaking students of Chinese Metaphysics, in mind, especially those who are interested to study Feng Shui.

However, students of Bazi, Divination, Date Selection other Chinese Metaphysics subjects will find this course equally informative as well, as it contains important basics that are needed for in depth understanding of any subject in Chinese Metaphysics.

There are no special Feng Shui formulas offered in this course. However, what sets this course apart from the generic basic Feng Shui courses, is the information contained within the lessons has a vast body of knowledge that will help beginners in Feng Shui, (and even students who had studied other Fengshui courses), to gain the necessary foundation to be able to study ANY FORM of Feng Shui (or any other Chinese Metaphysic subjects) with ease.

I had noticed from my participation in Feng Shui forums, that many English speaking students of Feng Shui do not have a good foundation in the basics. It is mainly because the majority of Feng Shui courses offered in English do not emphasise on these important essential fundamentals.

Most Feng Shui courses in English, would only pay a cursory mention of these fundamentals, and would launch straight into teaching Fengshui theories and formulas, erroneously thinking that the students would be able to understand and use in practice.

The students would probably be blindly applying these theories and formulas, that are taught to them, because they failed to realise that without a firm understanding of the basics they are handicapped by the missing the link between these theories and formulas.

How many times have YOU (as a reader and student) read Feng Shui books or courses, and come out feeling rather confused and puzzled? How many times have you read these books and courses, and wondered what are the Metaphysic theories that backed up these Feng Shui formulas or methods? Have you ever wondered about the origins of these theories and methods?

If you have wondered before, you don’t need to wonder now! I have just the right answer for you —– XUAN TIAN MEN FENGSHUI FOUNDATION COURSE

There is invaluable Metaphysic information in this course that are not commonly available in English. Every lesson is packed with powerful information to help the student to become proficient in ANY FORM of Feng Shui because these are the real foundation of knowledge for all Feng Shui methods.

I guarantee that YOU will not regret studying this course as it can also be used as an invaluable reference material for whatever Chinese Metaphysics subjects that you are studying in the future.

If you are a serious student of Feng Shui, you should not miss this opportunity to improve yourself. Buy this course now and give yourself a strong and basic foundation to be a good Feng Shui practitioner!


I had written this as a book in 2009. ISBN978-983-43773-1-1

I had sold quite a number of copies online.  Few years back, i edited this book and made it into the foundation module of my fengshui courses.

Now I am selling it separately, as a Fengshui foundation course, ebook.

The original price was USD99.00.
Now I am offering it to members of this forum for only USD79.00.

The syllabus can be found here

Note: After your payment via PayPal, I shall receive notification from them.

thereafter, I shall email the course files to you.  Thank you.