Mei Hua Divination Course


Price: 209 USD

A syllabus can be downloaded here



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Example prediction from students:

I think a couple good reading would be cool


“Well recommended course for Meihua enthusiasts. The material is very well-structured. Students and teacher are free to post their own real cases up, where we can learn a lot from each other in performing divination.  Some even get useful divination answers that benefit themselves.  

To add to the fun, students also crack some real world cases through Meihua divinations, such as who bombed the Boston marathon event etc. 

Last but not least, the teacher is available to answer questions and guide students along in the process of mastering Meihua.”
~Dharmawan  Wanawijaya


The trinity of a great course is a great content, a great teacher, and a great price.  And I think this Meihua course achieves all three.

In terms of content, this course built upon classic text and extended with contemporary material, so students can apply it in the current context.  The classic text element is very important, because it allows us to trace the material back to the originals.

Moon is a great teacher. Once you take one course with him, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion.  He is capable, willing to impart his knowledge, and actually has time and availability to answer your questions. 

Finally, the price for the course is affordable.  Coupled with availability of Moon to answer any questions online long after the course is done, this course is a steal.
~Pipe Tuchinda