PART 1:  FengShui Foundation Studies.

Chapter 1:  What is FengShui
Chapter 2:  The History of FengShui
Chapter 3:  The Chinese Calendar System
Chapter 4:  Stems and Branches
Chapter 5:  Five Elements
Chapter 6:  Yin and Yang
Chapter 7:  The Concept and Theory of Qi
Chapter 8:  The HeTu
Chapter 9:  The LuoShu
Chapter 10: YiJing, TaiJi and BaGua
Chapter 11: The LuoPan
Chapter 12: Different Schools of FengShui


PART 2:  YangGong GuFa Methodology

  1. What is YangGong GuFa FengShui?
    • The history of YangJunSong
    • Development of Yang Gong FengShui
    • GM Li Ding Xin, of GanZhou Yu Che Tang
    • The theoretical basis of Yang Gong FengShui
  1. The audit procedure of Yang Going Fengshui
    • First get the bazi of the client
    • Research the landform
    • Go to the mountain look for the water exit. 入山寻水口,登穴看明堂
    • What you can do and what you should avoid
    • Secret of audit procedure — Tun Tu Fu Chen Zuo You 吞吐浮沉左右
  1. The Burial Classic (Zang Shu) – Translation and commentaries
    • What is YangGong FengShui’s definition of Sheng Qi?
    • Why is landform so important in Fengshui
    • YinZhai requires only one line, YangZhai requires one swath. 阴宅求一线,阳宅求一片
  1. Qing Nang Ao Yu and Tian Yu Jing – Translation and commentaries
    • Introducing the Four Watergates 四大水口
    • LuoPan Earth Plate 72 Dragons
    • LuoPan Heaven Plate Double Mountains
  1. Yu Che Jing – Translation and Commentaries
    • The prediction of events happening.
  1. Case studies
    • Malaysia Case studies
    • China case studies

PART 3: YGFS Yang Zhai FengShui

  1. Houses, shops and complexes
  2. Applying Yang Gong FengShui in a Large Project.

PART 4: YGFS Yin Zhai FengShui

  1. Burial practices
  2. Essential Burial knowledge
  3. 葬法倒杖

PART 5: YGFS Date selection


Lesson 1: Yang Gong FengShui Date Selection Essential Points
Lesson 2: Burial, Build-up and Renovation Date Selection
Lesson 3: Practical Date Selection Pointers

Appendix I                 Yang Gong Thousand Gold Song
Appendix II                BaJie SanQi Computation
Appendix III               LuMa GuiRen
Appendix IV              Flying Stars date selection
Appendix V               TaiSui, SuiPo and SanSha
Appendix VI              TaiYang DaoShan
Appendix VII             Miscellaneous ShenSha
Appendix VII             WuJi DuTian Sha & JinShen Qi Sha