About the word Xuan Kong

The word Xuan Kong had been translated and interpreted in many ways.  Mostly it depends on the Fengshui school’s understanding of this word.

 The SanYuan understanding and interpretation is slightly different from that of the SanHe understanding.

 In the QingNang AoYu and TianYu Jing, there were several mention of this word XuanKong.

To quote Qing Nang Ao Yu


Ci and Xiong interaction conforms to XuanKong, Xiong and Ci can find within the Gua of XuanKong.

Ci and Xiong 雌与雄 are actually Yin and Yang, but, they are the ‘substantial” aspect of YinYang.  Yin and Yang originally are both the abstract aspect of two extremes, such as male and female.

When we talk about Yin and Yang as Qi, we are referring to the non-substantial abstract aspect.  On the other-hand when we talk about Ci and Xiong, we are talking about the substantial solid aspect.

Ci means female.  Xiong means male.

So when you read the classics and find these two words, it actually means the male and female substantial aspect of phenomena.


Another verse is:

To understand XuanKong, everything is within the 5 Elements.

This verse has a very deep meaning.  One aspect is that it is talking about the Dian Dian Dao theory of the 72 Dragons.

Another aspect is it is talking about the universal aspect of XuanKong. 

“明玄空,只在五行中” and “玄空卦内寻

These two phrases are actually pointing towards the mystical and profound YiJing trigrams and hexagrams that are in play within the mysterious and abstruse energy of the universe.

The word Xuan means abstruse, mysterious or mystical; or it can mean black, deep dark unknown.

The word Kong means empty or void; or it can mean the sky or space.

When you coin these two singular words together as XuanKong 玄空,and try to find its meaning in any Chinese dictionary, you might not find any specific interpretation or meaning.  Mostly, you might find a break up translation of individual word, such as Xuan as mysterious; and Kong as empty.

So, eventually you might need to rely on Chinese Metaphysics masters to give you a translation of this word XuanKong.

In a gist, XuanKong actually means the ‘Mysterious mystical voidness of the universal space’.

This is very abstract, but, in simple terms it can be understood in the contemporary sense as the ‘Universal energy that gives life to all phenomena on earth.’

If you read the following phrase, you might see this point.

Tian Yu Jing:


Great concern of Heaven and Earth is fixing Male and Female, nobility prosperity can be found within.

Flipping the Heaven and overturning the Earth matching not the same, the secret is in the XuanKong.

“the secret is in the XuanKong” actually means you can find the secret working of universal energy in the mysterious voidness of the uuniverse.

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