Ineffectiveness of using Chinese name strokes to get auspiciousness

Here is a short article that I translated for master Guo that I would like to share:

  立  雲  林  科  技  大  學



Graduate School of Applied Chinese Studies

National Yunlin University of Science & Technology

Master Thesis



Han culture folk custom research – analysis of layman usage of Chinese Name character number of strokes auspiciousness and inauspiciousness.



Fengling Kuo


Advisor: Dr.Wu Jin An 

碩 士 論 文 (Master Thesis)




Chinese People’s Republic 107 year, sixth month




Main research direction is to examine Chinese Name character number of strokes auspiciousness or inauspiciousness affecting people, using the 81 Spirit Formation Numbers, auspiciousness number or inauspiciousness number as the main subject, thoroughly investigate to prove whether there are effects in a person’s destiny.

俗云:「文字有靈力則姓名有威力,其威力則司人之命運也」、「天數難逃」、「名善則榮,名不善則辱」等語……是否如此?  本研究內文所提及筆劃能左右人之命運者,經以古今聞人逾千對照,推論是否為真?此說是否過於迷信?則為本研究動機之始。

Common layman saying: “written words if have spirit power thus person’s name will have authority power, the power can govern a person’s destiny” , “heaven’s will is impossible to escape” , “name virtuous thus prosper, name not virtuous thus disgrace” and similar sayings………………….is it like that?

Can this research into Chinese Name character number of strokes that can affect a person’s destiny,  that since ancient times till now had examined in excess of a thousand well-known figures, be deemed as infallible?  Can this be said to be superstitious?  This has been the motivation of this research.


This research, firstly took information from the study of folk customs, farmer’s almanac, gathered reliable historical records and consulted related documentary evidence, checked against each other and found out, from tang dynasty till Ming and Qing dynasty Imperial Examination for Civil and Military officers, counted 787 persons were top Imperial Scholars, from among 7697 successful examination candidates, and among the Imperial Scholars and successful examination candidates, the performance of those with auspicious name strokes may not be auspicious,the performance of those with inauspicious name strokes are not necessarily inauspicious, can see that using Chinese Name character strokes as the standard to predict a person’s performance may have other explanation.  Apparently, Chinese Name character strokes auspiciousness and inauspiciousness and performance is not as what is claimed by the Art of Chinese name Character Strokes.


But, the auspicious and inauspicious name strokes among top Imperial Scholars and Successful Examination candidates, those that can come out on top, obtained excellent results, there is no lack of.

Queen, Minister of defence, those that can rival a country, those with inauspicious Name strokes are plenty to be found, thus can see that the Art of Chinese Name character strokes auspicious or inauspicious is not a mandatory condition for a person’success in life, it is only an accidental condition.  This research is only to testify to the normal standard and describe the reality of the (concept of) the Art of Chinese Name character strokes auspiciousness inauspiciousness calamity and fortune.


Tagline: Han Culture, Layman studies, Layman usage, farmer’s almanac, Art of Chinese name strokes.












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