Mid-year Lunar 6th month 7th day Seven Stars lamp ceremony for clients

I usually do a big Seven Stars lamp ceremony for my clients once every two months.  On July 19th, Zi hour, it is the Lunar 6th month 7th day, I performed a Seven Stars Lamp ceremony for 40 clients.

The standard procedure is to make a prayer to Heavenly Gods for blessing and to the Earth god for protection.

The next step is to make a prayer to the Seven Stars and ask for their blessings.

Lastly, make prayer for each individual client.  The whole procedure from preparation of lamps to the final ceremony takes a few hours of work.

Those who are coming for the 7 Stars lamps course, you shall be taught the full procedure of how to perform the ceremony.  You shall also be taught to perform lamps for planetary affliction.

I am offering a Bonus Course to all participants: You shall be taught how to perform the Guan Yin Golden Coin Divination (金钱卦Jin Qian Gua)

The most important of all is the revelation of the secrets of how to make your practice effective without the need for long year of practice.

For those who wish to come but have not yet decided, please do so ASAP so as not to miss this golden opportunity to learn an ancient Lamp Ceremony for changing luck and the seldom taught in English Bonus Course, Guan Yin Golden Coins Divination.

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