Primordial Qi

Primordial Qi

The Qi that is enduring, pervasive and encompassing everything in the universe is Primordial Qi, called Yuan Qi in Chinese.

It is something that defies description, time and space. Primordial Qi that encompasses Time and Space is pervasive throughout the whole universe and multi-verse.

Planets and stars swirl and orbit in space due to certain ‘forces’ that scientists called Electromagnetic force and Gravitational force. This is the work of Primordial Qi.

The Ancient Chinese Sages, Metaphysicians and Philosophers had already given it a name – Qi. It is called Qi because it is intangible and formless, like the steam wafting out of boiling hot water.

It is also because Qi is closely related to air (Kong Qi 空 气) whose main component is oxygen (Yang Qi 养 气), which is the giver of life. Qi being pervasive has as its playground, Time and Space.

Qi is enduring, so it defies Time. Qi is formless and intangible, so it defies Space. Time and Space too are enduring and intangible. Therefore, Time and Space is where Qi exercises its muscles, stretches its limbs and works its magic.

Primordial Qi has no Yin or Yang differentiation. Primordial Qi is not objectively good or bad. Primordial Qi does not discriminate, is just and fair, and gives life to all phenomena on Earth irrespectively.

Primordial Qi is Neutral. Primordial Qi cannot be pinned down objectively, but can only be assessed and analyzed subjectively.

Primordial Qi cannot be objectively utilized or harnessed, but can only be utilized or harnessed subjectively in relation to the prevailing situation and conditions either physically or metaphysically. ZhangZai postulated that all the phenomena in this universe are composed of this Primordial Essence called Qi.

This Primordial Essence is formless and timeless and is the force or energy that binds or disintegrates all matter that is of Yin or Yang polarity.

When this Primordial Essence condenses and coagulates, it can form rocks and mountains, plants and vegetation, human beings and animals, and every phenomenon of which we can think.

When this Primordial Essence liquefies, it becomes water or fluid of any kind.

Smooth flowing low viscosity fluid can be like water. When water coagulates at extremely low temperatures, it becomes ice. Hot fluid from the center of the Earth becomes lava.

Hot embryonic fluid from humans and animals becomes blood or sperm. When this Primordial Essence disintegrates, it goes back to its primordial state within the Supreme Void.

The Supreme Void is adamantine – indestructible, and so is Primordial Qi. It is ever changing and transforming.

It can transform into something else and then revert back to its original form. Its versatility is beyond anything.

Thus was born the concept of Yi that means ‘Change.’ Thus the playground where Primordial Qi exercises and works its magic is the Supreme Void and ancient FengShui Masters called it – the XuanKong (玄空).

Copyright Moon L. Chin 2013.

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