Xuan Tian Men Feng Shui Master Course


Price: 6,750 USD  (10% discount from 7,500USD for one full payment)

The course fee can also be paid in installments (18 installments of 416 USD = 7,500 USD)

A syllabus can be downloaded here

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About The class:

I had spent more than 30 years to study, practice and compile all the information contained in this course.  All methods covered, unless noted otherwise, are tried and tested in my professional Feng Shui works.  The total number of pages of information is more than 950 pages that include color diagrams, tables and pictures.

It comprise:

  • One set of Foundation studies that has 160 pages of skillfully written information on Chinese metaphysics.
  • Three Levels of BaGua FengShui (290 pages)
  • Three levels of San Yuan Fei xing FengShui (333 pages including appendixes)
  • Qian Kun Guo Bao FengShui (43pages)
  • Landform FengShui (113 pages), and
  • Date Selection (34pages).

After you had studied my foundation lessons, you will be so well versed in all the basics, that you can learn all the other Chinese Metaphysics subjects such as other types of FengShui, Four Pillars Bazi, ZiWei DouShu, Qimen dunJia, etc….

My course includes standard and not so commonly published in English Fengshui classics.  One of the most important classics in my this course for Fengshui master is – ‘Song of Deep Profound Observation Of Phenomena  观物洞玄歌’.

This classic is actually used by MeiHua diviners.  It is classic that teaches the skill of predicting matters just by observation of signs and clues in a house or dwelling.

After learning this classic you will be able to judge the fortune or calamity of a house by just looking at the external façade and surrounding landform and features.

Other classics include XuanKong classics of ‘Xuan Ji Fu’ and ‘FeiXing Fu’, and the YiJing classic of ‘Shuo Gua Zhuan’.

I guarantee you that after you had studied the course lessons, and had come to me for your Practical training, you will become a full-fledged FengShui Master.

How long would it take?  This will depend on your intelligence and wisdom, you’re your knowledge and affinity with Chinese Metaphysics.

And….two more very important things…….
1. When you come for the practical training, you shall be taught all my trade secrets and the method to practice on how to “see” Qi.
2. I had set a rule that all students of my Professional course shall become my indoor students, who shall enjoy a lifetime of connection with me. After the course,you can be assured that, as long as I am still alive, I shall always be there to answer your questions and shall be supporting you as a professional fengshui consultant.

So do not hesitate to contact me for further information.