YangGong FengShui

Xuan Tian Men Professional YinZhai & ShengJi Fengshui 

Course fee: USD $8,000.00

A syllabus can be downloaded here(doc) or here (pdf) 

Synopsis of YangGong GuFa (Yang Gong ancient method) FengShui.

Yanggong GuFa FengShui was developed by the legendary father of modern Chinese FengShui Yang Jun Song who lived during the Tang Dynasty.

Historical accounts are varied, but what was generally accepted was that YangGong was a court official under the FengShui and Astrology department. He was entrusted with the duty of guarding the library where they kept FengShui and Astrology scrolls.

It was said that during the Huang Chao rebellion, the Tang Imperial Court was ransacked and palace royals fled the capital. During the chaos, YangGong grabbed the FengShui scrolls and escaped to a small town and became a monk in a monastery, to avoid being found by the rebels.

He later absorbed all the FengShui knowledge and developed his own unique method. First he innovated on the LuoPan Earth Plate that originally only had 12 earth branches, by adding 8 Heavenly Stems and 4 Trigrams in between these 12 Earth Branches, and assigned the unique method of 72 Dian Dian Dao Dragons.

This method that I am teaching is called GuFa or ancient method, because after Yang Gong’s demise one of the later generation practitioners called Lai Bu Yi innovated to the old method by introducing another ring to the LuoPan called the Ren Pan.

Why study YangGong FengShui?

YGFS is a special method that is effective in any environment even though most people thought of it as a YinZhai FengShui method.

YGFS ancient method is without frills and easy to learn. Those with background in FengShui studies will find it easy to learn, especially those who had studied SanHe FengShui.

The course comprises four days of theory coaching and three days practical training. The theory coaching include the four classics:

ZangShu, QingNang AoYu, TianYi Jing, and YuChe Jing.

The ZangShu was written during the Jin Dynasty by Guo Pu (circa 209).  It had since become the undisputed authority on burial landform studies.  What you shall learn is the YuChe Tang recognized version of the ZangShu.

The QingNang AoYu and the TianYu Jing are two classics that should be studied together.  The QingNang AoYu is about the theory and principle aspect of the LuoPan and the TianYu Jing is the practical aspect of the LuoPan usage.

Lastly the YuChe Tang is the outcome or the events happening based on the theory and principle of YGFS FengShui method.

This is a small class practical training course.  I can teach one to one.  Course duration is 7 days — 4 days theory and 3 days practicals.

In the practical training, you shall be taught the standard audit procedures, how to use the LuoPan and the most sought after…….. secrets of doing ShengJi to change the luck of a person.  On top of that you shall be taught the most secret Yin Zhai Landform observation and assessment on how to identify Dragons, and how to seek the Dragon Cave (called Xue in Chinese) for an auspicious burial.

Lastly, you shall also be taught the very important date selection method: traditional Chinese 4 pillars 5 elements date selection and how to use the TongShu (Chinese almanac).

Course fee includes transfers to and from airport, food and accommodation.

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